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Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals, LLC

Guest Rental Agreement

1) Reservation Policy

a) You must be at least 21 years of age to rent or reserve a property for rent with Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals.

b) A non-refundable reservation deposit, equal to 50% of the entire reservation (including all taxes and fees), is due at the time of reservation. Guest(s) who choose a payment option other than Credit Card will have 5 business days to make payment. If deposit is not received within the allotted time the reservation may be cancelled with no further communication. For reservations made within 30 days of intended arrival we require immediate deposit by credit card. No exceptions.

c) If guests reservation deposit is paid by credit card guest must inform Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals of their intention to pay balance by an alternate method at least 15 days prior to Guest(s) scheduled arrival. The credit card on file will be automatically charged the remaining balance due 14 days prior to guests scheduled arrival. Charges will not be reversed or refunded once payment has been processed.

d) A refundable damage deposit is required at the time of check-in. It is imperative that you immediately inform Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals of damages found upon arrival to the property in order to avoid being assigned responsibility for those damages. Any damages not reported at the time of your arrival will become your responsibility upon checkout. Damages deemed the result of negligence or inappropriate activity will result in forfeiture of the full damage deposit. Damages exceeding the damage deposit amount will be reported to the property Owner(s) for legal action.

In lieu of a damage deposit we strongly recommend that our guests take advantage of our $50 Damage Deposit Waiver. By accepting this Damage Deposit Waiver you avoid having to post the security deposit at the time of check-in and it covers your entire party for accidental damages up to $1000.

Please indicate your preference by initialing one of the following:

______**HIGHLY RECOMMENDED** I ACCEPT the Damage Deposit Waiver and authorize Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals to charge $50 to my reservation. I understand that this is a non-refundable fee.

______I will mail a check for the damage deposit.

              ** Assuming no damages are found upon inspection following your check-out please indicate               your preference concerning how we should dispose of your damage deposit check

______Return my check to the address on file by U.S. Mail. I understand that I will be charged a $2.50 processing fee.

______Shred my check, and email confirmation that my check has been destroyed.

______I will post the damage deposit by credit card upon check-in. I understand that charges to my card may take up to 14 business days to be refunded due to bank procedures and I do not hold Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals liable for this delay. I also recognize that in the event that insufficient funds are available to process this deposit on my card I will not be granted access to the cabin and I will not receive a refund for my rental. It will be my responsibility to post the damage deposit in a way acceptable to Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals.  

e) Full Payment of reservation balance is due 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date. Guests Credit Card will automatically be charged the remaining balance 14 days prior to guests scheduled arrival. Payment is considered delinquent beyond 14 days prior to scheduled arrival and may result in automatic cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of any pre-paid monies.  

                f) Cancellations - Guest(s) may cancel their reservation within 5 days of making their reservation

                  so long as their scheduled arrival is more than 30 days in the future. A $75 cancellation fee will apply.

                  Reservations made within 30 days of arrival may not be cancelled under any circumstances.

h) Guest(s) who do not Check-In on their reserved arrival date forfeit all pre-paid funds. No refunds will be made for no-shows. No exceptions. Unless we receive communication from the guest that a late check-in is expected, the reservation will be treated as cancelled and the property will be made available for rental to another guest on the next business day following guest's failure to check-in.

i) All reservation documents must be signed and returned within 5 days in order to confirm reservation. This includes, but is not limited to, this rental agreement and all credit card payment receipts.

Initial here __________ to indicate acceptance of our Reservation, Cancellation, Damage Deposit, Trip Insurance, and No Refund Policies.

2) Check-In Procedures

a) Check in time is 4:00 PM Eastern Time. We will do our best to have your cabin ready by check in time; however, there may be a delay during our busiest seasons. Your patience is appreciated. You must make contact with our office between 4 and 6 PM on the day of your scheduled arrival to complete check-in. Our office is closed on Sunday. Guests scheduled for arrival on Sunday will receive a call from our staff as soon as their cabin is ready for check-in. There is no need to contact us and no reason to panic when you cannot reach us. We WILL contact you by 4PM if your check-in is on Sunday.

b) A damage deposit of up to $500.00 is required of all guests at the time of check-in. Damage Deposit Waiver will be charged to all guests who fail to provide the damage deposit prior to their check-in date.

c) A copy of the Guest(s) driver's licenseis required prior to, or at the time of, check-in. You may email a photo of the drivers license to reservations@vacationvalleyusa.com

d) Each property is equipped with an electronic keypad lock. Guest(s) will be provided with the code to this lock at the time of Check-In.

e) Guest(s) acknowledges that he/she is a licensee of the Owner(s) and not a tenant; and that he/she is not acquiring any interest in the property. Each unit and all furnishings are privately owned. Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals is the Owner(s) Agent and reserves the right to refuse service at our discretion.

f) Guest will have 1 hour from the time of check-in to report damages, outages, and maintenance or housekeeping issues to the office. If we do not hear from you within 1 hour of check-in we will assume that you found the property in acceptable condition and you will accept responsibility for the property and any damages found by our housekeeping and maintenance staff following your stay.  

h) Please note that our phones are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have a true after hour's emergency, please leave a message on our phone system and you will receive a call back. Non-Emergency issues will be dealt with during our regular business hours.

Initial here __________ to indicate acceptance of our Check-In Policies.

3) Occupancy Regulations

a) Occupancy is limited to the number of paying Guests registered at the time of Check-In. All rates are quoted assuming property will be occupied by two adults per bedroom. Allowing un-registered Guest(s) to occupy the property will result in the registered Guest(s) being charged additional fees at Checkout.  An additional charge of $10 per person over thirteen (13) years of age will be added to the quoted nightly rate.

b) The maximum number of Guests that a property will accommodate is regulated and enforced by the Fire Marshall's office. Maximum occupancy is strictly enforced.

c) No Parties. Guest(s) found to be hosting a party at any property managed by Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. No refunds. No exceptions.

d) Pets. Pets are permitted in "pet friendly" cabins only with a non-refundable fee of $50 for the first pet, $25 for each additional pet. Guest(s) found to have pets in a property not identified as Pet Friendly will incur an additional cleaning fee of $500. Guest(s) are additionally responsible for any damage done to the property by their pet(s). The Damage Waiver policy DOES NOT cover pet damage.

e) No Smoking. Smoking in a non-smoking unit will result in an additional fee of $500. Smoking is permitted outside and on porches of all units. Smoking in a non-smoking unit is NOT covered by the Damage Waiver policy since it is considered intentional and does not fall into the category of "accidental damage."

f) Guest(s) use of the property and occupancy thereof shall not disturb or offend neighbors or other residents. Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals reserves the right to terminate this agreement and require disruptive Guest(s) to vacate the property with no refund of any kind.

h) Guest(s) are solely responsible for any and all damages, accidents, injuries, deaths, or losses sustained by any person associated with or arising out of the use of the premises. This includes the loss of money, jewelry, or personal property of any kind. Guest(s) assumes the risk of injury, death, or other losses related to or arising out of any recreational activities or use of the premises and personal property provided therein and will hold the Owner(s) and its Agent(s) harmless with respect thereto.

Initial here __________ to indicate acceptance of our Occupancy, Party, Pet, and No Smoking Policies.

4) Check-Out Procedures

a) Check out time is 11:00 AM. An additional night's stay will be charged for unauthorized late check out

b) There will be no refunds issued for early Checkout.

c) Guest(s) agree to perform basic housekeeping duties posted in the cabin before departure. Additional Housekeeping Fees will be charged to guests who do not perform these duties.

e) Lost and Found items will be returned at the Guest(s) request. A minimum service charge of $30 will apply.

f) Guest(s) MUST inform us of their departure by calling 865-908-9290 from the landline telephone in the unit at the time of checkout.

g) Should Guest(s) incur additional charges during their stay, the balance of Guest(s) account is due at Checkout.

Initial here __________ to indicate acceptance and understanding of our Check out Procedures and Policies.

5) Tire chains and/or four-wheel drive vehicles are strongly recommended during winter months. We do not provide any form of transportation and will not be responsible for any towing charges incurred by our Guest(s). Furthermore, your inability to reach your cabin due to winter weather does not constitute grounds for cancellation of your reservation or a refund. For this reason we also strongly recommend trip interruption/cancellation insurance, as indicated in section 1 of this agreement.  

6) Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals has done everything within our power to ensure that the property you have rented is properly prepared for your stay. While we make every effort to deal with malfunctions or break downs there are circumstances that are beyond our control. We do not guarantee that utilities, appliances, or amenities will not fail, but we assure our guests that repairs will be made as quickly as possible.  In the event that repairs cannot be made in a timely fashion, we reserve the right to move Guest(s) to a comparable or upgraded unit.  No refunds will be given due to any failures. Guest understands and agrees that there are circumstances beyond the Agent's control and that no recourse or action can be brought against Agent for these circumstances.  An example of this type of circumstance is malfunction of hot tubs, games, plumbing, electrical, construction activity, or other situations over which Agent has no control.

7) Pursuant to Tennessee Code 62-13-104 section 7, Vacation Valley Cabin Rentals may or may not maintain reservation deposits in an escrow account.

By signing below Guest(s) recognize that they have read and agree to abide by all of the rules, regulations, and procedures contained in this agreement, and/or posted in the rental unit and declare(s) that he/she/they fully understand the responsibilities associated with this rental agreement.

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